Electronic cash management at Brussels Expo with modullo’s ERP-CRM-HR

Brussels Expo is the ideal venue for all public events in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its historic infrastructure with more than 115,000 m² of event space spread over 12 conference centres, Brussels Expo offers a wide range of activities from hosting trade fairs, exhibitions and events of all sizes. The Entertainment department of Brussels Expo also manages shows and concerts at Palais 12, in La Madeleine, in the centre of Brussels and organises the Brussels Summer Festival. Brussels Expo welcomes some 2.5 million visitors per annum. Context In July 2016, Brussels Expo took over full management of its catering, after the completion of the previous contract with a catering company. From now on, rather than working with a single caterer in the Palais, Brussels Expo offers quality and diverse catering in partnership with many independent operators. In addition, three new “BE SHOPS” concept stores operated by Brussels Expo and in partnership with Carrefour are now set up in the Palais. These sell pre-prepared meals, snacks, drinks and some basic necessities, adapted to the needs and demands of trade fair visitors. Needs and solutions provided This new catering organisation therefore means that Brussels Expo will have to work hard to coordinate these different operators, requiring a flexible solution for front and back office management. Concretely: each store must configure its own cash register, while all the catering offered must be managed through a single back office. modullo makes this possible with a single tool. modullo cash registers have enabled the separate permanent and mobile operators such as Mama Roma, Ellis Burger, Wazawok, Lowy, Vasco Bello, Madame Kwizien, Sweet Paradise, etc. as well as the 3 BE SHOP stores to customise their cash registers. In the end, more than 20 different configurations were installed on 110 digital registers. Another advantage: the ability of the cash registers to work offline in real time. This guarantees a highly stable system with maximum availability. Synchronisation with the backoffice happens in real time, depending on the availability of the network. modullo cash registers are equally available and ideal on an iPad, meeting mobility needs, for example for food-trucks or for the mobile and temporary cash registers used during the Brussels Summer Festival. The system also allowed the installation of control terminals for the BE shops, as well as an adaptation to the existing Webshop system. These tools allow visitors to place their orders with the shops and choose their pickup times to avoid queues at checkouts during peak hours. Advensys was able to react very quickly to the changes requested, and was able to provide solutions that were outside the scope of the defined framework, in record time. The timetables of the trade fairs with night-time events and weekend openings to the public, required a high level of availability from the teams, in setting-up and support. Their commitment was total, responding fully, and with great professionalism, to the needs within the allotted time. >Evolution The management of loyalty cards and customer accounts has yet to be implemented, and links to new mobile payment methods are also planned in the near future. There is still a need to improve connections in certain areas within the Centres in order to optimise the links between the cash registers and the backoffice and speed up synchronisation. Why would you recommend modullo? ? “One of the great advantages of this solution is its ease of use. modullo cash registers don’t require extensive training before employees are operational. The system is very intuitive. Both the external partners (about twenty) and the internal teams very quickly understood how the register works. In addition, reporting post-event sales is an important advantage for tracking sales and inventory.” Frédéric David (Operations Director “Food and Beverages”) Xavier Ruiz (IT Manager) Brussels Expo Place de Belgique, 1 1020 Brussels Tel: +32 (0)2 474 82 77

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