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modullo is a global integrated management software package that supports small and medium-sized enterprises in carrying out all operational tasks.
Quick to implement and easy to use thanks to its modular approach, it will support you in your growth.

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ERP - sales management

Purchasing / Sales / Stocks / Inventory

Thanks to the ERP / Sales Management module, manage your purchases, your stock and your sales. From quotations to invoices, orders and shipping notes. Manage your inventory & optimise your stock thanks to a proper classification of your goods (A, B, C).

modullo is multi-entity, multi-store, multi-depot and multi-tariff. It allows you to organise your customers, contacts, delivery addresses and your projects (by site or file) in a flexible, intuitive & dynamic way. Thanks to our integrated e-commerce your customers can order at any time …


Sales, technicians & back office

modullo includes a triple CRM solution. modullo’s CRM enables you to manage the activity of your sales staff by monitoring opportunities and/or the activity of your technical teams (planning & timesheets linked to projects / budgets) and/or the activity of your back office (sending duplicates, reminders, administrative & repetitive tasks). Our solutions are integrated with Exchange & office365 and are available for iPhone & Android to guarantee perfect mobility.



Flexible management of your employees

Simple & intuitive, the human resources management module, linked to your personnel and payroll administration, allows you to track the presence and availability of your employees by avoiding double or triple encoding. The information is available in real time for you, your managers and your employees.

Contract management & the progress of these allows you to build a career plan and motivate your employees. The link between the availability of resources and the management of the schedules of your sales representatives and technical teams is also a must.

modullo offers a 3-in-1 solution for your business

Various colour shirts at shelf in shop
Fashion & Style Shops
modullo offers you a retail solution adapted to the footwear and textile trades
Modullo SAV
Workshops and after-sales
modullo customer service offers flawless trackingfor your after sales service and repair follow-up. This solution is compatible with all mobile media
Business People Using Computer Working Concept
Team Management
Manage & optimize your time, timesheets & schedules with ease
Horeca & groceries
DFind out about our iPad solution for your hotel restaurant: restaurants, bars, food trucks, bakeries, …
Soins de santé mentale

Manage all patients and therapist appointments for individual therapies and group therapies.

Simple, fast but evolving

Thanks to the speed of implementation and the wealth of features offered in our various business solutions, modullo will allow you to rapidly implement a solution that has been proven by other professionals in the sector. Thanks to its modular & customizable approach you will be able to quickly distinguish yourself & refine your modullo so that it adapts to your personality and your approach to your job.

In the cloud or on site?

With modullo, you can choose the solution that suits you best. Your choice is never final and depending on the development of your company you can change your mind. With the availability, flexibility & bandwidth of the cloud or with the control & interaction with third-party solutions from your private server: anything is possible.

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"After 5 years of existence, we were becoming more aware of the importance of having an effective after-sales service. It is indeed one of our added values that allows us today to make the difference vis-à-vis our customers and the competition. Modullo's service module is not directly visible to customers, but it allows our teams to monitor their management. "
After Sales Manager — Trakks

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