Workshops and after-sales

Manage your workshop and after-sales service with modullo customer service.

With modullo customer service, choose the solution that offers you a flawless tracking for your after-sales service and repairs follow-up. Tracking repair estimates saves you valuable time while optimizing your repair and processing costs.

Customer service dossier

Customer service dossier & complete follow-up of the file in connection to your customers and in connection with your suppliers if the repair is subcontracted

  • Create the dossier (customer, article, defect, date of purchase, guarantee, accessories etc …)
  • Manage repair quotes
  • Send automatic emails to your customers
  • Standard exchange / repair / credit notes
  • Pictures & attachments
  • Print documents & labels related to your after-sales service

Resource management

View the availability of your resources

  • Schedule by resource (full time / four fifths / half time etc …)
  • Existing schedule
  • Leave / sickness / holidays


Filter your resources according to skills or characteristics

  • Languages
  • Certification
  • Vehicles

Planning management

Thanks to modullo’s planning management, you can drag and drop tasks into your employees’ schedules. The copy / paste / move functions let you manage this quickly & efficiently.

Ongoing activities

Create multiple activities (next 5 Mondays)
Create recurring activities (Mondays & Fridays)

Sync Outlook / calendar & emails

modullo allows you to synchronize or view your appointments in your usual calendar (Outlook / iPhone / Android), thanks to the Office 365 sharing connector.
Link your emails automatically to your customer service records.

Compatible mobile terminals

Our apps are compatible with Android / iOS and Windows tablets.
It would be hard not to find the right device for your technicians, your job & your budget.


• Article Management
• Serial Number Management
• Before / after photo
• Date of receipt / ETA / ETD / dates of shipment / dates of reminders / date of repair / date of collection customer / date of guarantee

Integration and link with your ERP

If you don’t want to use our integrated invoicing solution, you can receive information from your current software and track the information.


  • API Webservices REST – JSON
  • modullo Scheduler which permits programming synchronization
  • Export structured flat files (manual or programmed)
  • Import flat structured files (manual or programmed)

Reporting & alerts

Alerts: Be notified when the contract is not completed

  • Resolution time not met
  • Total duration of resolution not met
  • Customer dissatisfaction

Thanks to our 4 reporting tools, you can measure the efficiency and profitability of your customer service in real time.

 Create your personalized control panel.

  • By technician or technician group
  • By customer
  • By file or type of file
  • By intervention or type of intervention
  • By project
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modullo customer care is used by our customers:

" After 5 years of existence, we were becoming more and more aware of the importance of having an effective after-sales service. It is indeed one of our added values that allows us today to make the difference vis-à-vis our customers and the competition. modullo's service module is not directly visible to customers, but it allows our teams to monitor their care."
After Sales Manager — Trakks

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